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Pinasse - Fassmer Shipyard

Pinasse - Fassmer Shipyard
Motor launch  Fassmer shipyard Motor nameplate
Motor launch Fassmer Werft side view
Motor launch Fassmer Werft front view
Motor launch Fassmer Werft interior view
Motor launch Fassmer shipyard Motor


Year of construction: 1958
Length: approx. 10.85 m
Width: 2,63 m
Height above waterline: 2,34 m
Draught: approx. 1,22 m
Diesel engine: "Deutz" 1 KHD, 4 cylinders, 70 hp, 51,48 kW
Power: 51,48 kW
Weight/displacement: 4000 t
Construction material: wood
Vehicle type: Pinasse

A jewel with history

This gem once served as a translation boat for commanders and was later used within the military chaplaincy with the name "Shalom" ( Peace). Soldiers deployed far from home could acquire the motorboat and diving licence. Officers' work groups and church and barracks groups were able to relax and receive a thank-you for their work.